EFFECTA’S Essential Insights: A Regulatory Update

July 20, 2022 by Clementine Bowyer

Welcome to the second edition of EFFECTA’s Essential Insights, a quarterly newsletter aimed at providing its readers with succinct overviews of some of the key regulatory issues currently faced by Firms. However, in this edition, EFFECTA is pleased to announce the newsletter not only covers UK Regulatory hot topics, but also those faced in the UAE…

In May 2022, EFFECTA was thrilled to announce the launch of its Dubai office. With an increasing number of Firms looking to operate across both these jurisdictions, EFFECTA is now able to provide advice on cross border regulatory issues in the UK and Middle East.

The Dubai office is headed by Jade Ashpole, who has over 10 years compliance experience working in both UK and UAE Financial Institutions. Jade has advised on a number of complex cross border projects, holding in depth knowledge on both local and internal regulations. For more information about EFFECTA’s Dubai office, please click here

As always, our newsletter reflects our consultants, diverse in background and knowledge base. We all have a love for Regulation, but hold very different areas of expertise, enabling us to cover a wide client base and bring more than one perspective to the table.

More information about our individual consultants can be found on our website, but whatever your question, we will have someone who will be able to help. If you would like to discuss any of the topics covered in this newsletter and what implications they may have to your business, please do reach out to us on info@effectacompliance.com.

To download the newsletter, please click here