EFFECTA’S Essential Insights: A Regulatory Update

October 31, 2022 by Clementine Bowyer

Welcome to EFFECTA’s Essential Insights, a quarterly newsletter aimed at providing its readers with succinct overviews of some of the key regulatory issues currently faced by firms.

Historically, in the knowledge of it being holiday season, the summer has been a quieter period for regulators in the UK and UAE in terms of issuing final rules or consultation papers. It is safe to say 2022 has not followed this trend and there has been a wave of new papers, final rules and consultations from the FCA. Similarly, a wave of consultation papers, thematic review reports and Dear SEO Letters have also been published by regulators in the UAE.

For this reason, it has been incredibly difficult to pick which topics to include in this Q3 Newsletter. Whilst we hope this newsletter gives its readers the nuts and bolts of many of the regulatory matters currently being reviewed, it is by no means exhaustive. Therefore, should you have a question on any matter even if it is not contained within this Newsletter, please do reach out. Our consultants are diverse in background and knowledge base, each one holding their own area of expertise, so whatever your question, we will have someone who will be able to help.

More information about our individual consultants can be found on our website, but if you would like to discuss any of the topics covered in this newsletter and what implications they may have to your business, please do reach out to us on info@effectacompliance.com.

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